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The Cece & Wilden Theory by Pretty Little Liars Latinoamerica

This is the Cece and Wilden theory by Pretty Little Liars Latinoamerica

Cece has a picture with Wilden and Ali in Cape May so she knows him but... Why does she lie about it?
Some people talked about Cece and Wilden being BROTHERS. A lot of people think they are kindda simillar. 

At Kanh's Cece said "I've seen cops do worse"... This would explain the conection between Ali, Wilden and Cece. Wilden had just graduated as a cop and Ali was only 14 so it's pretty hard to believe that Wilden went to her by himself, maybe Cece introduced them and that's how they ended up "together" and maybe that's why Cece denys knowing Wilden because she knows he was Ali's baby-daddy... Maybe that's also why she looks so suspicious.
What if she is working with Wilden and she was the one to crush the elevator when Jason was in it? I don't think Wilden and Cece are part of the -A team but they certanly have something to do with Ali's death.

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Aria is -A Part 2

This is the Aria is -A Part 2 theory. 

Once we've talked about Aria being -A. One of our clues to believe that was the posibility of Aria suffering from a multiple personality disorder. Now we've found another clue that may confirm this theory.

The song at the end of 3x16 is called "Aria With 30 Variations". This sounds like a clue of multiple personality... 

This is the song we're talking about: 

The tom sawyer theory by lolitaria

This is the Tom Sawyer theory by lolitaria
At alisons memorial, the girls recieve a text that says “do it right. I’ll be watching just like Tom Sawyer.” Some people think this clue is just a literary/book reference and think it points to Ezra being -A. But in the book the adventures of Tom Sawyer, Tom attends his own “funeral”. Tom was believed dead. But he actually watched from the gallery. This isn't about Ezra. It's about alison. She’s not dead ! Alison is alive.

The Queen Of Hearts by Lolitaria

This is the queen of hearts theory by lolitaria.
Are you sure Aria was dressed as the black swan? Wasn't she actually dressed as The Queen Of Hearts?

The Red Coat Theory by Pretty Little Liars Latinoamerica

This is the Red Coat theory by Pretty Little Liars Latinoamerica

In 2x25 Jenna meets someone and she tells him/her "You know what to do". At the end of the episode when a red coat visits Mona she says: "I did everything you asked me to do"... Later Garret says she did everything Jenna asked him. And Dr. Sullivan once said "I did everything you asked me to do". They all say almost the same...

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Two Teams Theory by Prettytheories

This is the Two Teams Theory by prettytheories

Red is the new black?

Is it possible there are two teams out there is Rosewood: a red coat team and a black hoodie team? This is a really new theory for me, and one I hadn’t thought about until an anon brought it up. But it’s so interesting that I had to look into. 

The very first clue to this is in season two’s Halloween episode. There were two Lady Gaga’s – one dressed in black (Ali) and one dressed in red (Jenna).  Those two clearly weren’t on the same team that night either. 

There were two black swans at the masquerade ball, that we know of, one was dressed in the classic black costume with black feathers and Aria was in the version of red and black stripes (which hasn’t been proven that she was purposely dressing as the black swan but it’s a pretty big clue) 

So as far as the red coat goes, everyone always says Aria had the red coat so she is guilty of everything.  But actually… there are quite a few people who have been seen with a red trench coat. Aria was the last seen wearing Vivian’s coat, but in 3x05 and 3x12 there was a red trench coat in Emily’s closet. And of course when Melissa was faking her pregnancy and she told Spencer she hadn’t left the house, Melissa had a red coat hanging by the door. Then there was the person who met with Mona at Radley and the mystery person in Lucas’ Pretty Dirty Secrets webisode (and either of those mystery characters could have been one of these three girls or virtually anyone in Rosewood).

I think it’s also possible that after figuring out how Ali got around her A (by becoming Vivian) the other girls have decided to do the same, but becoming their own version of Vivian Darkbloom by wearing her coat and spying on people they are suspicious of. But that wouldn’t exactly make sense with Mona’s meeting at Radley… but it’s possible that the girls have formed their own team. And it’s possible that one of the girls (whoever met with Mona) is being a double agent.

BUT ONTO THE BLACK HOODIE TEAM. The only two people we know on the black hoodie team are of course Mona and Toby. And besides that everyone is pretty much a suspect.  

This theory is a little difficult to figure out who would be on each team because it’s all pretty much the same mix of people. There have been people (like Emily and Melissa) seen with red coats that I feel are bad. So then I wonder if the black hoodie team is actually trying to protect the girls and the red team isn’t.  But that doesn’t seem the case… at least it wasn’t.

“Red is the new black” …

Mona met with a person in a red coat when she was first brought into Radley and she told that person “I’ve done everything you’ve asked.” Maybe the red team is taking over.  Lucas said it himself; “It’s better for everyone if Mona stays crazy right?” Better for whom though? The red team? Is it better because it gets her out of the way, or is it better because it’s a good cover and she can still work with the black hoodie team but in solitude?

Did the red team try to put her into the crazy house? Jenna did meet with someone before the masquerade ball and told him/her “you know what to do.” If we are splitting the teams in half then Jenna would be on the red team because she was the red Lady Gaga. She could have been meeting with Mona and telling her (and the black hoodie team) what to do.

Lucas’ Pretty Dirty Secrets webisode with the mysterious red trench coat could also be an example of how the red team is starting to control the black hoodie team. Lucas was clearly there on some mission (probably an A mission, although he may not have known who he was working with) and I think it’s very possible that red coat was there to watch him and make sure the job got done.

The girls seem to always trust who they shouldn’t and don’t trust who… well let’s be honest they shouldn’t trust anyone. It would be nice to say that one team is working to help them but I’m really not sure. Because I would want to guess that the red team is helping the girls by spying on the hoodie team so that they can be one step ahead. But then I’m not sure why Mona would meet with someone in a red coat.

The possibilities are endless but one thing is for sure. There are lots of black hoodies and lots of red trench coats running around Rosewood. 

The Wilden Theory

This is the Wilden theory. 

Episode 17: “Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno” blindsided us with major Alison info: The summer she died, she thought she was pregnant.
We're sure not sure who Ali's accidental almost baby-daddy is. 

What we do know is that Ali met him at Cape May, while she was hanging with CeCe. Whoever he is, she seemed deeply scared of him — she told CeCe he'd "kill" her if he found out, and she sounded like she meant it literally.

What if the baby-daddy is Wilden? The show seems to be pointing in this direction, with Emily finding a photo of Wilden at Cap May, too. Wilden's a creep, so we wouldn't put it past him, and this would certainly explain his obsession with the Liars. If he did have something to do with Ali's death because he found out she was pregnant, it makes sense that he'd want to pin it on the Liars. Alternatively, if he had nothing to do with Ali's death but had been hooking up with her, that might be why he's so invested in the case.

Being Ali's baby-daddy it's hardly the only reason to find Wilden suspicious. 

His little speech about having killed someone. After Episode 17, the man is a professed killer. Yes, he claimed his case was self defense, but this show isn't called Pretty Little LIARS for nothing. Plus, if he did kill Ali because she was pregnant with his child, he could probably rationalize to himself that it was a defense of his reputation, or something else equally twisted and wrong.
Garrett. It seems clear that Garrett was killed for knowing too much, probably about the night Ali died (possibly also about the "A" team). We assumed he was involved because of the N.A.T. club, but could his death actually be because, as one of Wilden's co-workers on the force, he learned something he shouldn't have about the detective?

He's willing to bend the rules. We've known since Wilden practically blackmailed Ashley Marin into sleeping with him that the man is morally, ah, flexible, to say the least.

He's been around since the beginning. Speaking of things that happened in Season 1, the fact that Wilden has been around since the beginning of the show makes him a prime suspect on a storytelling level, because it would tie things together nicely.

His obsession with the case, and the Liars. Yeah, yeah, he's a detective who wants answers. We don't think that quite explains Wilden's intense obsession with this case, or his conviction that the Liars are guilty. Maybe he's dedicated to pinning Ali's murder on the girls to protect himself.

Detective Wilden is the most likely candidate for Ali’s baby daddy.
Logic behind this assumption
  • He looks like the type to be labeled a beach hottie (ie. tan and ripped with blonde hair)
  • The guy is genuinely creepy, and it’s understandable that Ali would be afraid of him or his reaction to bad news
  • He took an obsessive interest in finding out the Liar’s secrets in S1 - this might have been to find out what they knew about his and Ali’s secret affair
  • The guy obviously stands on a shaky moral ground - he basically blackmailed a sexual relationship out of Hanna’s mother by promising to fix Hanna’s shoplifting charges - so I doubt getting a 15 year old girl pregnant would phase him

Looks like Allison will be shooting with Detective Wilden, the Liars or Toby in fact, with Sasha tweeting the photo below, “The infamous Detective Wilden” - flashbacks to come with him and Ali possibly? Definitely looking forward to seeing what is ahead, if they have a scene together it could explain a lot.

Source: Tumblr and Wetpaint